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Bell CA: Insurance Industry Overview


Bell, CA is a city in the Los Angeles County in California and it’s located near former San Antonio Township. According to the 2010 national Census, the city had a population of 35,477 people. This actually represented a decline of population which stood at 36,664 as per the 2000 census. Located on the Los Angeles River’s west bank, Bell is a suburb city of LA. Occupying an area of 2.5 square miles or 6.5 km2, Bell is number 13 in terms of the smallest cities with a minimum population of 25,000.

This is after it was ranked position 1245 out of 1257 in cities with a minimum population of 25,000 in a year by the U.S Census Bureau in 2007.

In November 29th, 2005, residents of the city voted overwhelmingly in a special municipal election to become a charter city. However, no more than 400 people went out to vote in that election. Being a charter city implies that city officials are exempt from the state salary caps.

The Economy

The Bell CA economy employs 15,263 people. The parts making up the city’s economy are Wholesale trade, Manufacturing and Transportation AND Warehousing. Retail Trade is the largest industry in Bell, CA.

Bell CA, Insurance Industry Overview

Bell is a small but vibrant city that employs almost a third of its populace. With retail trade being the largest employer in terms of industries, you can expect that business insurance is the top thing here. And because of the high employment rate, the economy is doing good which portends good for the industry.

Other types of insurance offered by the providers here are auto insurance, personal insurance, business insurance, bonding, home, and commercial truck insurance.

There are insurance brokers and agents who help locals to easily access these services. These are located almost everywhere, so people don’t have to visit insurance companies to get services. The agents and brokers will advise you on the type of insurance that’s most suited to your case, so you make a more informed decision.

In one type of insurance alone, there are different other covers provided. For instance, under the auto insurance, there are other covers like Collision Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, Property Damage Liability Coverage, Bodily Injury Liability Coverage and Comprehensive Auto Insurance.

In general, Insurance industry is vibrant here. With businesses and manufacturing sectors dominating the industry, there is heightened awareness for insurance. The good thing is that all these types of policies are just here. You can access them through the individual insurance companies or through insurance brokers and agents.

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Strong Tie Insurance Services Inc.

With nine locations throughout California and one in Miami, Florida, we’re a leading insurance provider with a long history of helping American motorists stay protected and insured while on the roads.

At Strong Tie Insurance, we’ve been in the business of providing insurance for more than 15 years. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of thousands of people receive the high quality, reliable insurance they need for a safer, more secure life.

Over the years, we’ve built strong professional relationships with a wide range of car dealers and rental companies, contractors, body shops and other service providers, letting us provide unmatched service for our customers.

In addition to auto insurance, we offer a complete range of insurance services for individuals and businesses, ranging from home insurance to business insurance and more.

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We offer insurance services in six different states, ranging from our home base of California to the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and South Central USA. Currently, we offer insurance in the following states:

  • California, where we have nine locations
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As a smaller insurance company, we’re able to provide a level of service that larger brands just can’t match. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, our experienced agents are always available to answer your calls and provide the service you need to stay safe and secure.

Our goal is always to provide the highest quality, most personalized service to make sure you receive both the protection and individual attention you need as a motorist and vehicle owner.


With nine locations in Southern California, we’re always available to provide helpful service to residents of the Greater Los Angeles area. Our California insurance offices are located in the following areas:

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