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Huntington Park, CA Insurance Industry Overview

Insurance in Huntington Park, California

Huntington Park, CA is part of the Gateway Cities district found in the southeastern Los Angeles County in California.

As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 58,921 people and has a median age of 30. Between 2015 and 2016, the city’s population dropped from 59,003 to 58,921, which represented a 0.14% decrease. Its median household income was $34,887 but this improved to $35,629, representing a 2.13%.

The population is made of 97.1% Hispanic, 1.54 White, and 0.55% Asian. 94% of people living in Huntington Park, CA, don’t speak English Language, while 66.8% are citizens of the US.

The largest universities here are ICDC College, which boasts 1,271 graduates and United Education Institute- Huntington Campus with 362 graduates.


The Huntington Park, CA economy employs 24,863 people. The city’s economy is specialized in Manufacturing, Wholesale Trade and Transportation and Warehousing. This employs way more people than a location the size of Huntington Park, CA would ever employ. Manufacturing industry is the largest industry here, employing a whopping 5,532 people. It’s followed by Retail trade at 3,192. Healthcare and Social Services is the third biggest employer with 2,442 people to its credit. Utilities are the most lucrative industries to work on with Finance and Insurance the third-best.

Insurance Overview

Insurance industry is obviously thriving here, given the healthy state of economy. As a matter of fact, Finance and Insurance form the third best paying industry, meaning it’s doing pretty well.

With business booming, the insurance industry is also doing well especially with business-related insurance services like workers compensation, commercial truck insurance, and other types of insurance.

Given the unusually high number of people employed by the Huntington Park, CA economy, you would expect that insurance is indeed doing very well.

People can afford homes, cars and other properties and with these come the demand for property insurance, auto insurance and commercial truck insurance.

Most of the big boys in the insurance industry have branches here in Huntington Park. Apart from this, there are tens of insurance agents and brokers here who play an important role of bringing the insurance services closer to the people.

Agents and brokers also help their clients by advising then on the right type of insurance and helping them to get the best deal possible.

However, not all insurance brokers and agents are not equal. Some are genuinely trying to help while others just want to make commission off your business. It’s up to you to ensure that you choose someone with your best interests at heart.

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