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Miami Fl Insurance Industry Overview

Miami is a key port city located on the Atlantic coast on the southern part of Florida, US. Miami is the county seat of Miami-Dade County, and the municipality is the main, central and most densely populated city in Miami metropolitan area. It’s also the second-most populous metropolis in the southeastern US. According to the figures from the US Census Bureau, the metro area of Miami is the 7th most populous as well as the 4th-largest urban area in America, boasting a population of about 5.5 million.

Miami is a key center and is a leader in commerce, finance, media, culture, entertainment, international trade, and the arts. In 2010, the city was 7th and number 33 among the global cities in the business activity, information exchange, human capital, political engagement, and cultural experience. Forbes ranked Miami as the Cleanest City in America in 2008, and this was because of its year-round clean air quality, clean drinking water, vast green spaces, citywide recycling, and clean streets.

A 2009 UBS study that investigated 73 cities in the world in 2009 found Miami to be USA’s richest city. In terms of purchasing power, it emerged number 7 in the world. It is often jokingly referred to as the Capital of Latin America and boasts the largest city with Cuban-American plurality.

Insurance Industry Overview

Miami enjoys a very strong economic outlook, which makes its insurance industry to thrive. There are lots of insurance companies with branches here and this only goes to show that insurance is going pretty good. Business is booming, and Miami is a key tourist destination, welcoming millions of visitors across the world to its warm year-round weather.

Business insurance, home insurance, life insurance and auto insurance are among the types of insurance products on offer.

Truck/commercial trucking insurance is common insurance service in Miami. One of the leading companies offering it is Strong Tie Insurance. Having served the residents of Miami for decades, Strong Tie Insurance Company has earned the trust of its customers and is a genuine leader in the provision of tip-notch truck/commercial trucking insurance services.

The Miami Fl area is also served adequately by insurance agents and brokers. These play a crucial role in helping bring insurance services to the people, and they also offer advice and counsel to people insofar as choosing an insurance product is concerned. However, make sure you choose an agent with a proven track record. Otherwise, you may end up with an agent who is only interested in your business.

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