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Important Advice When Filing Semi Truck Insurance Claim

Semi truck insurance covers injuries and damages on trucks and property. The policy has a wide range of coverage such as primary liability that covers the third-party damages, physical damage cover, bobtail insurance cover, and umbrella cover. Indeed, this is a motor truck cargo insurance for the truck, cargo, driver,

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Understanding Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Coverage

Motor truck cargo insurance is a kind of insurance designed to protect motor carriers from losses on the roads. It protects the owners of goods and even the insured parties while cargo is being transported or held by the truck owners. For instance, if the cargo is accidentally dumped on

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Commercial Truck Accidents: Facts & Figures

By now, you know that around 500,000 truck accidents occur in the United States—with around one out of eight accidents leading to death or severe injury. Due to their large sizes and heavyweights, commercial trucks are likely to cause more damage compared to other commercial vehicles.

According to the department

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Semi Truck Insurance: Cost and Coverage

Semi truck insurance, also known as owner-operator insurance is a liability cover for injuries or damages caused to other parties when the driver is at fault. Other types of a cover may be added depending on several factors that are special to the driver. On average, semi truck insurance costs

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