Strong Tie Insurance February 8, 2021 Our Blog

Tips for Night Driving in Bad Weather Situations

Bad weather and darkness is a combination that makes for difficult driving. Reduced visibility and slick roads are always a headache, and the two combined can spell out seriously dangerous road conditions.

In order to drive safely, it’s best to

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Strong Tie Insurance February 1, 2021 Our Blog

Cooking Tips for Truck Drivers on the Road

A home-cooked meal can be a rare commodity out on the road. It’s easy to start relying on fast food for quick, easy meals. However, the savvy truck driver can find plenty of ways to make meals using just a

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Strong Tie Insurance January 28, 2021 Our Blog

Geocaching Resource for Truck Drivers

The Global Positioning System (GPS) was originally intended for military use after being developed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Today, the military uses GPS to guide unmanned systems, in missile launches, and for search and rescue missions. Civilian use

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