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Different Types of Commercial Trucks and Insurance Coverage

Strong Tie Insurance May 29, 2019 Commercial Truck Insurance

The magnitude of disaster that awaits a truck operator or shipping company with the wrong commercial truck insurance policy is almost beyond imagining. Brace yourself, because this is a story that could easily require therapy and a sleep prescription.


You’re hauling $100,000 worth of beef in a refrigerated truck. Your company is tasked with a specialty delivery to a well-known grocery company. A lot is riding on this new product roll-out. It’s been promoted heavily through a multi-million dollar television and social media campaign. You’ve just crossed the county line and should be at your destination in two hours. It’s hot outside, but not incredibly so. You’re making good time.

What you don’t realize is that your truck’s refrigeration system is malfunctioning. Your instruments say everything is fine, but the inside temperature is about to cross 100 degrees, and you’re not going to discover the problem until you are ready to unload at the store.  While it wouldn’t be fair to say your cargo is being cooked on the highway, it is definitely not going to be eligible for sale today or ever.


After the subsequent meltdown, no pun intended, guess what happens when you discover your insurance doesn’t quite cover all the fallout from the beefocalypse? You’ve got losses from cargo and potential loss of the shipping route to the grocery chain. You’ve got losses from the ad campaign and the loss of retail business, plus all the mitigation costs not to mention the repair and testing of the truck and its refrigeration system. An army of attorneys is gathering with hate in their eyes, and your insurance company isn’t up to the task. You have potentially unlimited liability and nowhere to hide. What’s going to happen when your other clients find out?

Granted, this isn’t a likely occurrence, nor is it something that should dominate your decision making process.  At the same time this is why a solid commercial truck insurance policy is so important. As a shipping company, there is simply far too much riding on your wheels for half-measures. The number of stakeholders and the priceless value of your professional reputation can’t be risked. At the same time you can’t afford to make costly mistakes with your coverage, deductibles or your policy structure.  You need an experienced expert who knows how to get you the policy you need at a price that makes sense and with a structure that can grow as your business conquers new ground.


Truck insurance is one of those things you don’t miss until it is too late.  Our job is to see to it you have all the information you need far in advance of that fateful moment when you realize it is, in fact, too late to protect yourself.

We start with the basics.  Our policy experts can show you the entire regulatory regime for the state of California. Having a full and complete picture of the requirements you face for commercial coverage in the state is among the most valuable information you can get, because it will not only show you the foundation of your policy and its structure, but will also give you a good starting point whether you are a single truck operator or a full-fledged commercial fleet.

Then we can walk you through liability hazards for every cargo or livestock type.  Whether you are hauling dirt, chickens, luxury automobiles, gas turbines or helicopter parts, you’re going to need to know what to look out for, and how insurance can be tailored to give you confidence and rock-solid financial backup. In short, the right insurance policy will give you ways to offer better service, faster service and do it all at a reduced cost.

Even if you are working with specialty deliveries aboard unique types of haulers, we’ve got the depth of experience and the industry knowledge that will set you and your clients’ minds at ease. We’ve insured it all, and we know what to look out for on the road and on your commercial policy.  We cover your cargo as well as your drivers and your vehicles.

The previous disaster example was for 20 tons of beef and a broken refrigerator. Would you like to swap that scenario for one involving 20 tons of Mercedes automobiles and a jackknife into oncoming traffic on Interstate 405? That phone call from the Highway Patrol is going to be a lot easier to manage if you have the right insurance company in your corner from the get-go.

First Rate

You’ll be happy to know we have first-rate Workman’s Compensation Insurance options for all our policyholders, so if a driver or worker is injured in the course of their employment, you will be able to offer them full benefits including medical and recovery of lost wages. There is nothing that will put your employees’ and their families’ minds at ease better than the knowledge you have their welfare and safety at the top of your priority list. Happy employees are more productive employees, and there’s nothing we like better than saving you money and making you more money in the process. If it’s your priority, then you can be sure it’s ours too.

Strong Tie is a full service insurance company.  We offer many other kinds of insurance in addition to our commercial truck policies, and we pride ourselves on our reputation as one of the nation’s leading insurance providers. We can help you with options for your business and even for your family and home. We know how important quality coverage is in this day and age, and we are committed to making your protection second to none.

Give us a chance to show you what’s possible, and we think you’ll agree that our top-notch service, experience and financial strength make us the obvious choice no matter what kind of business you run from local delivery to nationwide supply chains. Our agents are available at your convenience, and all the information you need is only a call or click away.

Curious about how these insurance coverage types apply in California? Visit our latest post on Commercial Truck Insurance in California to understand how the state’s regulations might affect your decision. Start exploring now to enhance your insurance knowledge!