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Everything a Trucking Operator Needs to Know About 24 Hour Commercial Truck Insurance

Strong Tie Insurance January 17, 2022 Our Blog

Do you want to own your own truck as a commercial truck driver? To fully integrate into the commercial trucking market, you’ll need to insure your freshly purchased truck.

While you consider the best permanent policy for you, you may need temporary cheap commercial insurance.

You can also purchase one-day, also known as 24-hour truck insurance, or short-term truck insurance to cover your needs for a limited period of time.

Read on until the end of this article if you’re interested in learning more about short-term bobtail or 24-hour commercial insurance policies for your trucks.

This article will answer all of your questions and concerns about the need of having a short-term insurance policy, as well as point you in the proper direction for finding the right coverage. 

What Do You Need to Know About 24-Hour Truck Insurance?

The 24-hour truck insurance protects your commercial truck for 24 hours, as the name implies. This product is typically sold as a short-term truck insurance solution by the majority of carriers. You can choose the policy’s duration from the coverage options provided by the carriers.

If you need to transport your truck or send it in for repairs or alterations that will be done in a single day, this insurance is best to have. It will cover any losses you suffer as a result of a liable situation affecting your truck.

24-hour truck insurance is the most popular sort of truck insurance in the country, according to many buyers. Even if the policy only protects you for 24 hours, you can receive short-term coverage for a few days, weeks, or even months.

Getting an annual policy and canceling it when the truck is no longer in use may be a more cost-effective choice if you need coverage for a longer length of time.

A certified motor carrier can provide this insurance. When a bobtail or other type of truck owner hasn’t driven it in a long, the carrier will allow them to insure it for one day.

Benefits of Getting 24-Hour Truck Insurance

Buying a temporary truck policy gives you a reliable commercial policy that allows you to legally transport a power unit on the road. You do it in accordance with the regulations governing drive-away services.

This policy entitles you to a wide range of services, including stripping, repairs, lettering, post-market applications, and any other benefit available to commercial vehicle policyholders. The short-term coverage is an excellent first step toward establishing a long-term truck insurance policy.

Getting a newly purchased truck on the road without first obtaining a permanent insurance policy is usually a challenge. This is where our commercial truck insurance for temporary use comes in. In terms of truck insurance coverage, the policy provides you with a temporary answer.

Who Needs 24-Hour Truck Insurance?

Trucks are faced with a multitude of problems and are always at risk of being involved in an accident. Due to the nature of the trucking industry, it is also a risky business for carriers to insure.

As a result, getting suitable trucking insurance may be time-consuming if you’ve recently bought a new truck for your business.

This is because carriers consider a number of things when insuring a commercial truck. As a result, your truck will remain uninsured and exposed to accidents until you secure appropriate insurance.

You can fill the gap with a short-term insurance policy and then replace it with a permanent truck insurance policy later. In fact, having a temporary policy will make finding the perfect permanent coverage much easier.

Here are some circumstances in which temporary insurance could be quite beneficial:

Transporting a New Truck

If you’ve recently acquired a new truck and need to transport it from the dealership to your business site, you’ll require 24-hour truck insurance. Even when being transported from point A to point B, a new truck is exposed to numerous dangers.

New trucks are not covered by any plans, therefore having 24-hour truck insurance protects your vehicle in the event that it is involved in an accident while being transported to your location.

Moving Your Truck for Repairs

When sending a truck for repair, it is critical to have short-term insurance. While the truck is on the road for repairs, additional harm may occur. As a result, temporary insurance might help you limit your losses.

Can You Operate in Commercial Activities on 24-Hour Truck Insurance?

The 24-hour truck insurance does not allow you to use your truck for business purposes, such as transporting freight, moving loads, or other supply-chain operations related to trucking.

Because a one-day policy or any other short-term insurance is merely temporary coverage, it is legally prohibited to engage in any commercial line of business.

Short-term truck insurance is intended to cover your immediate needs. It is not a replacement for a long-term policy. As a result, you cannot treat your 24-hour truck insurance policy as if it were a permanent policy.

What Coverages are Included in a 24-Hour Truck Insurance Policy?

Temporary policies, such as 24-hour truck insurance, provide all of the necessary coverages for a trucking company. These include:

  • Accidental collisions
  • Personal injuries
  • Property damages and liability coverage
  • Medical costs

Again, keep in mind that on 24-hour truck insurance you cannot engage in any commercial activity. This means that if you have an accident while doing business, your insurance company will not reimburse you. This is due to the fact that you are in violation of the 24-hour truck insurance policy’s provisions.

Are You in Need of 24-Hour Truck Insurance?

Our focus is to help you save money, yet still provide the liability coverage you need, all while placing importance on commercial truck safety.

We can confidently address your concerns promptly and exceed your expectations since we have more than two decades of commercial truck insurance experience.

Whether you’re an owner-operator who works as an independent trucker or have a contract with a motor carrier, you need to protect yourself from liabilities.

Unlock smart strategies to cut costs on your commercial truck insurance. Explore our insightful blog post for expert advice on saving dollars while securing comprehensive coverage. Your path to affordable protection starts here.

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