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Organizing Hacks Truck Drivers Should Know

Strong Tie Insurance February 11, 2021 Our Blog

Truckers who’ve been on those long-haul, across-country journeys know that every inch of space counts. Keeping cabs organized helps maximize elbow room, increases comfort, and even helps keep drivers safe. A comfortable driver, along with affordable commercial trucking insurance, is the key to a safe trip on the road.

To help a truck driver create a more enjoyable journey, we’ve put together the nine great hacks truck drivers have been using for years to save their cabs from disarray and help make the road a little less long.

Tip #1 Think Walls

Much of a cab’s space is taken up with storage containers and plastic baskets, or at least they should be. We’ll get to how to organize those long bulky containers in a bit.

The best way to maximize space is to take advantage of the walls. Think hanging toiletry bags, over-the-door pocket organizers, and shower caddies.

A driver can survey the areas in their truck where they work and relax, and use this information to back organization plans. Determine what you may need and where you need it, and then place the hanging accessories accordingly.

Some specific ideas include turning the hanging toiletry bag into stacks of healthy snacks such as dried fruit, nuts, and whole food bars. Hang it in an easy-to-access location.

The pocket organizer contains slots that are large enough to hold cleaning supplies and personal trucking needs. A truck driver can use this great container to help store rolled-up t-shirts, towels, and personal necessities.

Knobs and hangers that stick to the walls also make handy truck driver organizational tools. These adhesive hooks can be used for hats, towels, coats, headsets, earphones, and small bags that can hold dirty clothes. and other low-weight trucking necessities.

Hanging a plastic bag holder with a dispenser on a hook makes grabbing those handy bags easy and less cumbersome.

Make sure to get a label maker, and stick a label under each hook that describes what belongs there. This is the best tip to learn to keep a truck organized. When you take something out or down, put it back.

If you ever find yourself in your truck without a trailer, be sure to protect yourself with bobtail trucking insurance.

Tip #2 Cooking Supplies and Utensils

Outside of clothes, food, and entertainment devices, cooking supplies tends to take up the most room, at least for those truck drivers that cook while on the road. If your cabinets come with pockets, this spot could be just the right size for utensils.

Additionally, get a few clear plastic boxes, the perfect containers for cookware that can be stored under the lower bunk. Keep a crockpot, electric skillet, and microwave oven for easy one-pot cooking supplies.

Put a towel between lids to keep them from rattling. This leads to yet another all-important truck driving organizing hack.: Finding as many multi-purpose things can save on both room and costs.

Other things to store in plastic bins under beds and the lower bunk include canned staples, unrefrigerated meals, dry goods, clothing, CDs, and DVDs. These can be stored on top of each other and held together with a wire tie.

Don’t forget to always label all containers to make locating what you’re looking for much easier.

Truck cabinets make a good location for light snacks and sustenance that truck drivers use on a regular basis.

Tip #3 Safety Devices

Truck driving is a dangerous career. Take the time to obtain any safety devices and store them where they are easily accessible.

Tip #4 The Side Box

Keep items in the side box that you may need in an emergency and that you don’t require while enjoying time resting in the cab.

Important truck maintenance tools and necessities, such as windshield washer fluid, coolant, oil, toolbox, and tie-downs are all handy to have in one location so that you know where they are when you need them.

Tip #5 Light

Tricks for creating a great cab to travel in always includes the use of lighting. Fortunately, today’s adhesive craze makes it easy to stick a light just about anywhere.

A trucker can consider areas where they perform paperwork, read, or dark crevices that are now being used for storage. A few good recommendations from the trucker community include lights above the bed, inside cabinets, and areas where you find yourself searching in the dark on a regular basis.

Tip #6 Back of the Seats

With the help of some velcro, the back of the seats can turn into file cabinets. Simply attach a file box to the back of the seat with this life-saving material, keeping job information, paper supplies, and driving information in an easy-to-access location. This is a good area to stash your affordable commercial trucking insurance papers.

You have to wonder how people survived prior to the 1950s when this new work material was created.

Tip #7 Miscellaneous Holders

Having a place for everything and putting everything in its place makes trucking life easier and more enjoyable. Spending just a little time each day putting things where they belong might make sleeping and driving a more relaxing experience.

Ensuring you have the required cheap commercial insurance is another way to increase relaxation and decrease worry.

Reading material can find its way throughout a cab in no time. A magazine holder, that can fit in most small places, can keep all of this material together.

Small new plastic bins are perfect for pens, batteries, and other small accessories. Some come in a set of three, perfect for medicines, lip balm, writing tools, and other odds and ends.

Tip #8 Cleaning Supplies

One of the greatest tools for a trucker is a handheld vacuum. Trucking can be a lonely career, at times, with many truckers spending more time on the road than at home. Traveling with a pet can make the drive from day to night more enjoyable.

One of the greatest tools for a trucker is a handheld vacuum, particularly for those with pets. A quick vacuuming removes pet dander and dust, creating a healthy environment.

Tip #9 Shower Caddies

These handy stick-on gadgets can be placed on cabinet doors and top bunks as holders for towels, condiments, flashlights, and other stuff you might need on quick notice.

Ready to build a top-notch truck driving team? Check out our blog for insights on essential qualities when hiring drivers. These insights can help you stay organized and efficient on the road.

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