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Toughest diesel emissions in the nation

Strong Tie Insurance August 11, 2013 Our Blog

Around a million trucks and buses will be retrofitted or replaced.  Retrofits require smog filters or cleaner engine technology since the beginning of 2011.  By 2014, all trucks and buses must have soot filters.  By 2023, no truck or bus will be allowed to be more than 13 years old unless it has special equipment to cut nitrogen oxide emissions.

Diesel soot is a particularly harmful pollutant.  Medical research indicates that it is among the most harmful types of air pollution, as it can lodge deep in human lungs, can penetrate the walls of blood vessels, and contains more than 40 cancer causing chemicals.

This approval came in the same week that California also passed the most stringent greenhouse gas emissions laws in the nation.  Reducing diesel soot emissions will improve human health, air quality, and also fight climate change.

Strong Tie Insurance in California cares about the safety of our clients and also about the health conditions of trucking drivers and drivers in general.  These emissions standards obligate trucking companies to keep their trucks up-to-date and this helps the environment and the improvement of the population’s health.

We believe in building a trucking insurance community that not only provides the expected insurance services, but the necessary information in order to keep our clients and prospects informed of the trucking market and its particular characteristics.

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