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Why Truckers Are Needed Now More Than Ever

Strong Tie Insurance June 22, 2020 Commercial Truck Insurance

The past few months have been difficult for the entire world, and we’ve found ourselves in an unprecedented situation. With many locations still in lockdown and enforcing social distancing, it’s up to every individual to contain the spread of coronavirus. At the beginning of the pandemic, we faced a toilet paper shortage. While many Americans were quick on their feet, others were left without essential items, and hospitals were short on essential medical supplies that they needed to save lives. 

While we often think about the need for essential items, it’s rare that we consider how these items like toilet paper get to the grocery store. The people you can thank for helping restock the shelves at your local supermarket and getting personal protection equipment to your local hospitals are truck drivers. 

They ensure that your items make it to the store safely and in a timely manner. During the time of coronavirus, we need truck drivers with reliable semi trucking insurance more than ever.

Truckers Ensure Transport of Essential Goods

Trucks transport over 70% of the goods moved within the United States. Without trucking and truck drivers, we simply wouldn’t be able to function as we’d have no way of getting the mass amounts of items we need in our grocery stores alone.

Remember that toilet paper shortage we talked about earlier? Think about how much worse it would have been without our truck drivers. Even before the pandemic, truck drivers were already essential

If your grocery store shipment was late, there wouldn’t have been much toilet paper to begin with! However, once the shelves ran out of stock, we needed a way to get the items restocked as soon as possible. 

America also relied on its truck drivers to ensure the delivery of food to its stores. Even something as simple as a slice of bread can be an essential item to a family in which both parents have been laid off until further notice. Thanks to the trucking industry, our shelves were stocked throughout the pandemic so that we could feed our families.

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Trucking Industry Supports Other Industries

Of course, without the trucking industry, many other industries would simply cease to exist. So many stores, including your favorite shop, rely on shipments from other businesses. Without the trucking industry, your favorite clothing store wouldn’t be able to get its clothing from other states and even countries. 

Almost everything you see in a store most likely got there via truck, which means that you can thank the trucking industry for your wardrobe. Your favorite restaurant wouldn’t be able to offer you your favorite meal without the trucking industry. 

You can’t make a dish without the proper ingredients, and you cannot support other industries without the trucking industry.

Trucking Drives the American Economy

As we’ve just mentioned, trucking transports essential items and supports other industries. Essentially, what these two points mean is that the trucking industry and truckers are responsible for the US economy. In fact, if the trucking industry suddenly disappeared, our lives would be in chaos. 

Not only does it help keep our favorite places in business, allowing everyone to contribute to the economy, but the trucking industry also provides truckers with jobs. While the trucking industry impacts the economy, the economy can also impact the trucking industry. For example, during the pandemic, the US economy took a hit with many stores and businesses closing its doors. 

When businesses close, they no longer need goods shipped to them, which means there’s no longer a need for a trucker. However, when the economy is booming, so is the trucking industry. Without the trucking industry, our economy and the way America functions would look much different.

COVID-19 and the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is stronger than ever, especially during the time Americans need it the most. But specific trucking agencies and owner-operators may have faced some downtime depending on the types of businesses they served. Truckers hauling equipment for sporting events or concerts would have had to find alternative routes during the pandemic. 

Luckily, many industries have been desperate for the essential good that truckers haul. Grocery stores and hospitals have needed the trucking industry and relied on it to bring them the essential items they need. 

We’ve seen manufacturers step up their production efforts to meet the needs of consumers, but they needed a way to transport the essential items. With the goods there, sufficient drivers are needed to distribute them.

Need for Commercial Truck Insurance

During the pandemic, truck drivers were called to serve their country, and many responded with long hours on the road with few rest stops. Commercial truck insurance is a necessity for trucking companies and owner-operators, especially during times when the workforce is tired, overworked, and potentially sick. 

When your truckers aren’t at their best and they’re exhausted, they are at a higher risk for accidents. Whether minor or major, you need to make sure that you’re prepared in case of an accident and protected from liability. 

In high-stress times like pandemics, while cheap trucking insurance is a plus, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and take a look at your truck insurance policy to make sure you’re covered before you find out that you aren’t.

Final Thoughts

With America desperately needing supplies and essential items, we’ve remembered the importance of the trucking industry on our economy and health and safety. Without medical supplies like masks and gloves, doctors may not have been able to save as many lives as they have, while being able to protect themselves and others. For those of us who aren’t doctors, we wouldn’t have the essential goods we need to take care of our families without truckers. 

Truckers work long hours and spend weeks and even months away from their families. The best way to support the trucking industry is to continue to support your economy. Remember, the trucking industry and the American economy are mutually exclusive, so it’s important to continue to shop. 

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