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Workers’ Compensation for General Contractors

Workers compensation insurance, commonly referred to as workers comp insurance, provides an array of benefits to employees for work-related injuries and ailments who are working for independent contractors. Such benefits include medical care, compensation for injuries, compensation for wages and salaries lost work time, and many more. Workers compensation for contractors also covers for costs related to the deceased worker’s family as well. It the worker’s family members opt to sue the company for various reasons, the Workman’s compensation insurance will assist in covering the related legal fees.

What are the benefits

Strong Tie Insurance has many years of workers compensation insurance experience. We collaborate with both national and state carriers to assist our clients to find the right coverage. And because we have well-established partnerships, you may qualify our personalized and exclusive premium payment among other services that are tailored to save you money and time.

Workers’ compensation insurance for contractors is your best partner for protecting your workers and your company in the events such as:

  • A slip injury when an employee falls on ice, along with the stairways, wet floors, etc. while working, and may require emergency medical attention and some recovery time.
  • An employee who accidentally injured his or back while working and require immediate physician’s attention.
  • An employee who has suffered some injuries from a road accident while carrying out his or duties

With Strong Tie Insurance, we will help you settle costs related injuries and illnesses from workplaces and pay for medical expenses and also help your employees retain their income they take sick-off to recover from work-related injuries.

Workers’ compensation insurance

This is a must-have for all employers however the size of your company; small or big. In fact, it’s a common law in every state. Even though it may be clear that that you need to carry a policy that covers your workers, it may be best if you choose independent contractors to act on behalf of your company or business enterprise.

The workers compensation insurance for contractors gives a room for you to concentrate on your areas of specialization or business while the insurance company takes good care of your workers’ insurance related cases. This arrangement gives ample time to focus on the day-to-day operations of your firm with an assurance that your workers are healthy, satisfied and operating at their best.

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Strong Tie Insurance has many years of experience with a solid reputation for representing both the employers and the employees in matters related to insurance and compensation.

At Strong Tie Insurance, we have built a team of hardworking professionals dedicated to doing what is best for our clients. Transparency, accountability, the highest level of integrity and work ethics have always been our guiding principles in serving our clients.

A team of experts from Strong Tie Insurance will customize an insurance plan that perfectly fits your company, so you don’t have to cover what your company doesn’t need. We will then secure the most competitive rates, especially for your business.

As specialists in all things insurance, we’ve helped thousands of businesses get the best rates for workman’s comp insurance.

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