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Being Safe On the Road and Practicing Good Driving Habits

Strong Tie Insurance September 23, 2021 StrongtieInsurance

When driving a commercial truck, there are a few things that a truck driver should keep an eye out for to practice good driving habits. Driving a semi-truck is a challenging profession, which often necessitates quality trucking insurance to keep your drivers safe and your company protected.

Below, we’ve compiled 15 good driving habits that your drivers can practice to stay safe while delivering valuable goods.

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15 Good Driving Habits to Stay Safe on the Road

Here are some critical but easy-to-follow safety tips for any truck driver to stay safe on the road.

Look Ahead

Always keep your eyes peeled as far down the road as possible. Try to foresee potential problems and keep an eye out for automobiles driving sideways, merging onto the highway from ramps, and anything else unexpected.

Always bear in mind that whatever lies ahead on the road could be a possible problem.

Always Have an Exit

When driving, keep an eye for a way out of any potential trouble. Keep a steady eye on the left and right sides of your truck, and be prepared to move swiftly out of the way if required.

Furthermore, keep a continual visual check on the car from all sides, as well as a close eye on what’s going on around you.

Be Prepared for Extreme Weather and Temperatures

Be sure to also pay close attention to the temperature and the weather for your upcoming drive, especially when driving in the winter and shoulder seasons.

Driving in good weather is safe, and you should stay informed about the weather on a daily basis. Don’t strive to prove that you’re a brilliant driver in dangerous situations, as this can sometimes lead to unanticipated events.

Check Your Mirrors Frequently

Always keep an eye on what’s going on around you when driving. Examine your blind spots to keep an eye on the traffic surrounding your truck.

Be sure to also see an eye on the trailer, as well as potential flat tires or smoke coming from the trailer’s underbelly.

Maintain a Safety Circle

One of the most critical trucks driving safety requirements is to provide enough room in front of the vehicle as it provides the best visibility for the driver. Whenever feasible, allow a great big cushion of room all the way around the vehicle.

While this can be challenging when there is a lot of traffic and automobiles continuously cutting in front of your truck, it’s usually preferable to be in a broad open space with plenty of visibility.

Don’t Drive Distracted

One of the most critical safety recommendations for truck drivers is to avoid becoming distracted while driving. Many truck drivers are guilty of becoming distracted while driving.

When you choose to focus on something other than driving, you are engaging in distracted driving. Distracted driving is caused by technological devices such as mobile phones and other electronic devices that distract you from driving safely.

Examine All of Your Gauges

Keep an eye on my gauges all the time, as the gauges are warning signs when anything is potentially wrong with your truck.

Simple things can sometimes generate major issues, so be sure your fuel tank is full, and your electrical systems are always charged. Additionally, look for potential signs of your engine overheating.

Leave Enough Room for Safe Stopping

Keep an eye out for daily truck driver safety reminders and make sure you’re following them correctly. Make sure you have an appropriate stopping distance between your truck and any motor vehicles in front of you when you need to stop.

To avoid collisions, pay greater attention and use your common sense and experience. For a safe stop, use the signal and brake. Another important consideration is to ensure that you have at least seven to 10 seconds to stop your truck.

Perform Routine Safety Inspections

Before embarking on a journey, it is critical to conduct a safety inspection. Truck brakes and tires should be inspected because they might cause deadly accidents.

The truckload should be appropriately balanced and secured in the proper location.

Obey All Traffic Laws

Among the different safety tips for truck drivers, respecting local rules necessitates greater caution because they can vary from place to location. Drive trucks at the maximum speed allowed by local legislation.

It’s possible that you’ll have to travel to different states. Each state has its own set of local rules, which you should follow to ensure your safety on the road. It is more vital to stay safe on the road than it is to get to your destination promptly.

Drive Defensively

Defensive driving can help you in a variety of ways. It will assist you in increasing the possibilities of your own and others’ safety on the road.

Commercial truck drivers must contend with distracted driving, unexpected road accidents, and inexperienced drivers.

Ensure Appropriate Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading is a routine occurrence, and truck drivers should use caution. When unloading or loading trucks, make sure they are properly secured.

Turn off the engine, apply the parking brakes, and consider using chock blocks as they offer a high level of security. As a result, attempt to keep chock blocks on hand and use them as needed.

Start the engine only after you’ve completed the task and double-check that no one else is working nearby.

Use the 3 Points of Your Body

When driving, you should always use three points on your body. If you don’t know how to use any of them properly, you may find yourself in a perilous scenario.

Your two hands, one foot, and one hand make up these three points. To drive your truck safely, maintain these points in touch with the equipment at all times.

Keep Your Headlights Clear

This is important not only for your safety but also for the safety of other drivers, as they will be able to move their vehicles on the road to avoid any hazards.

While driving, it is critical to pay attention to everything on the road. Driving at night will not only be safer with clear headlights but everything will be easily seen if the lights are kept clean at all times.

Get Enough Rest and Eat Healthy Foods

Although it is located at the bottom of the list, this is one of the drivers’ most important safety tips. As a driver, you must always keep your body in good shape, as it will improve your performance and keep you awake while driving on a busy road.

Make sure you eat a better diet and get enough sleep on a regular basis. Also, get enough rest when you’re fatigued so you can execute your driving work correctly. Be sure to also avoid sugary drinks, large meals, and junk foods while driving.

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