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Helpful Tips For Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

Strong Tie Insurance April 17, 2018 Commercial Truck Insurance

Do you need insurance for your commercial trucking business? Or do you have a business that requires the use of trucks for commercial transport such as catering delivery and you are worried about coverage? You will want to read on for more information on how to protect your trucks and their cargo. This article will give you a few solutions to some of the common challenges business owners encounter and to guide you on how to get the best coverage for your needs. Read more about truck commercial insurance.

What is non-trucking liability insurance?

Non-trucking liability insurance in a broad definition involves coverage outside your trucking liability insurance. This type of policy covers your truck when the truck is not in commercial use, and considered to be used for personal use. At some point in time, you might need to use your truck or one of your commercial fleet vehicles for personal use. Or if a commercial vehicle whether it be a truck, van, etc. may be used outside of work such as commuting to and from work.

Similar to commercial use, the truck might experience damage or loss while being operated for personal use. This includes damage to property or affecting a third party by injuring them. The non-trucking liability insurance policy usually applies to truckers who are not currently under the authority of a dispatch, or not working on behalf of the trucking company. This type of policy will have you covered anytime a driver uses the truck for anything other than income generating purposes.

What are the benefits of non-trucking liability insurance?

There are a variety of advantages you expect from the use of the non-trucking liability insurance to you, your company and also to the third parties. With this, it becomes very beneficial to consider the use of the non-trucking liability insurance for the truck when the truck is not in commercial use. Benefits likely to be accrued from the use of this type of insurance include;

Offers business protection – This will be a great benefit to the trucking companies where their trucks are not involved in commercial activities. In addition to this, a trucker who owns the truck primarily for business purposes will also have his/her business protected at the end of the day.
Due to the fact that non-trucking liability insurance will cover your truck while not in commercial use, there is no need to worry about your business being liable for damages and loss from the use of a truck. The non-trucking liability insurance will indemnify you and the risk of financial loss in this aspect.

  • It is a financial security – As small businesses might be able to grow from hard work, some depend on other people’s investment in them. With that investment, there will always be a great probability of risk involved. If investors are involved, financial risk will be one aspect that is important to minimize, most likely per their standards and operating procedures that have previously been implemented.
    To counter this, non-trucking liability insurance can offer financial security through covering your property damage, property loss, and personal injury. Unexpected financial losses can now be covered and you will be sure to receive continued financial growth.
  • Customer protection – As the non-trucking liability insurance is concerned, even third parties who would be affected by the loss and damage of your truck will be protected by this insurance. Where the customer base feels protected, they will gain more trust in your business compared to others. This will attract larger customer base for your operation.
    What is primarily covered?

When you have a general trucking liability insurance policy, it covers the truck, cargo and the truck owner including the trucker only when the truck is operating for business and commercial use. While not in commercial use, your truck, cargo, and the third parties will need to be covered by the non-trucking liability insurance.

The non-trucking liability insurance policy will provide coverage for the personal use of routes. It will cover the return of the truck after delivery and prior to the next dispatch. A few exclusions are to be noted for the use of non-trucking liability which is given under the policy statement details. See commercial truck insurance quotes online.

Non-trucking liability insurance policy limits

There are some of the limits which are set by most of the non-trucking liability insurance companies which indicate how indemnification will be offered to different parties affected by an occurrence of an accident.
The following includes the average coverage aspects provided by the non-trucking liability insurance policies;

  • Property damage and injury to the body
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorists
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist

To avoid being a victim of not knowing your trucking insurance policy details or getting an application rejected, you need clear information before taking action. You can have your truck insurance with the non-trucking liability insurance but due to lack of knowledge, in the time of seeking coverage, you that your request was rejected. This is because different non-trucking liability carrier companies have different terms and conditions involved this insurance policy.
To be on the safe side, be sure you acquire the following information from your agent or broker about non-trucking insurance policies;

  • Are there any non-trucking liability insurance policy exclusions and what are they?
  • What are the limitations offered in your non-trucking liability insurance policies?
  • In terms of a deductible, what is involved with non-trucking liability insurance?

After review of the above information with your agent or broker about all the specific details involved with non-trucking liability insurance carriers, you will be able to select a policy that meets your needs. In addition to this, you will also have a complete knowledge of what you are looking for with various aspects of coverage and the terms which could avoid you from being indemnified.

Differentiating non-trucking liability insurance from the bobtail liability insurance is a bit confusing. However, it is not to be confused with the bobtail liability insurance as they both involve the use of the truck while not in the commercial use.

Navigate insurance options wisely with our expert insights. Delve into our blog post comparing Bobtail Insurance to Non-Trucking Liability, and make informed choices to protect your trucking venture.

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