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Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

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If you’re a trucker who hauls a full trailer, you should consider motor truck cargo insurance. Not only do these kinds of policies protect your cargo, but they also protect your physical trailer. If your cargo or trailer is damaged, stolen, or simply lost in an accident, your motor truck cargo insurance can cover the loss.

Motor Truck Cargo Policies Defined

When you’re hauling products, those products are actually the property of someone else. The companies that use your trucking service depend on you getting their shipment to its destination. Motor truck cargo insurance is a type of insurance meant to cover the cargo in your trailer.

Beyond being a wise addition to your commercial truck insurance policy, some kind of cargo insurance is required for anyone hauling cargo in their tractor-trailer. If the cargo is damaged, lost, vandalized, etc., your insurance company will reimburse the manufacturer, shipper, or buyer for the cargo. Otherwise, you would be responsible for the replacement costs, which could be extremely expensive based on the cargo you haul.

What Type of Cargo Insurance Do I Need?

Cargo insurance can come by many names, but it’s all relatively the same. Motor truck cargo insurance covers almost every kind of cargo imaginable. You may need additional coverage for certain liquids or hazardous materials.

Your exact motor truck cargo insurance will depend on the kind of cargo you haul. Some kinds of cargo may require higher levels than others.

But What’s the Difference Between Motor Truck Cargo Insurance and Freight Coverage?

Even though they have different names, cargo insurance, and freight insurance are essentially the same thing. They are given different names because there is a slight difference in what is actually being hauled.

Cargo most often refers to small materials, boxes, and packages that are stacked inside of a tractor-trailer.

Freight is typically larger, heavier packages that can be carried inside of a trailer or exposed on the back of a semi-truck.

Both freight and cargo are considered cargo and are covered by cargo insurance, even if your policy gives it a slightly different name.

What does Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Cover?

Cargo insurance covers all risks of loss or damage to any materials or products being hauled or transported by a tractor-trailer. This type of insurance is required across the U.S. It is possible that some manufacturers may require additional insurance on top of regular cargo coverage.

Cargo Insurance and Your Trailer

While your regular commercial trucking insurance does not cover your trailer due to loss or theft, cargo insurance will. It’s easy to think that your trailer is considered part of your truck, and in some ways, it is. Insurance companies, however, see them as separate pieces. Even if your trailer is empty, it’s still wise to have coverage.

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