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Protect Your Trucking Business From Workers Comp Fraud

Strong Tie Insurance January 21, 2019 StrongtieInsurance Workers Compensation

Protecting your trucking business from fraud to avoid incurring unnecessary cost is essential thus, understanding ways you can use to prevent fraud is equally vital.

How to protect your trucking business from workers comp fraud

Smart Hiring

Prescreening is the initial stage of protecting your company from workers compensation frauds.Conducting pre-employment test and examinations before hiring determines whether the person can handle the physicality of the job involved in the trucking world.

A drug test is also vital to avoid effects of drug addiction which can result in carelessness and eventual injuries

Screening of the job applicant also helps determine availability soft injury tissues before employment and to determine the overall health of the applicant. This process ensures hiring of people with the ability to handle the job and is physically healthy. This results in reduced risk of injuries fewer workers compensation claims and thus limited opportunities for workers comp fraud.

Implementation of functional based job descriptions

Job-based descriptions entail the assessment of the employee, the work and the work site. It ensures the clients work together with their employees keeping track of the workflow and all the job requirements to provide an injury-free environment and reduce muscular injuries during work. Overall the exercise minimizes injuries, reduce the number of compensation claims and reduce the probability of compensation frauds in the company.

Implementation of an effective return-to-work program

A reliable and productive return to work program reduces the probability of an injured person not reporting back to work either intentionally or due to the lack of an effective return to work program.

Use of functional ability testing through an effective return to work program will determine whether the recovering employee is capable of returning fully to work. The program prevents workers comp fraud by ensuring they are back to work immediately after recovery.

Having onsite solutions

To minimize workers’ comp for trucking companies , business should be devoted to the provision of onsite work services like educating employees on the right way to pull, tug, lift and carry heavy items. Proper education on these simple tasks creates a safer environment which is non-conducive for accidents. Employees perform their duties the right way and thus little risk of injuries, hence fewer opportunities for fraud. Check for commercial truck insurance quotes online.

Be aware of the typical red flags for fraud claims

While most of the claims may be valid, there is a small percentage of workers who always try to take advantage of the truckers workers’ compensation insurance through fake injuries. Being aware of the signs such as lack of witnesses, workers refusing treatment or the injured employee having a history of changing medical providers and jobs often might be a clear indication of fraud. Though they are not a guarantee that the claim is fraud, they warrant a close look thus minimizing fraudulent.

Overall, protecting your trucking business from workers’ comp fraud is vital to avoid incurring many expenses on insurance claims. However, with or without cheating, you need workers compensation insurance for your employees.

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