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Top 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Bobtail Insurance

Strong Tie Insurance April 27, 2018 StrongtieInsurance

Every time you hear about insurance coverage, the first thought that should come to mind is how exposed would you be without it? If the risk is too high, then you should know that insurance coverage is very important to your business. Imagine building a very successful trucking business empire only to have it destroyed by a simple mistake of exposing yourself. The best way to protect your business is by making sure you have all the necessary liability coverage and then some.

The place to begin is by having your agent or broker looking for the best insurance coverage for your trucking business. With so many online platforms today, getting important information or ideas on what you want is relatively easy. Most insurance companies if not all are also using online platforms to market and advertise their services to potential customers. Before you make any decision when shopping for bobtail insurance, the following factors will help you in choosing the best. Know more commercial truck insurance online.

  1. Listen To Different Quotes And Rates

Chances are the best quote is sometimes not the first one you will get. Don’t rush into buying the first quote as if you are panic buying, listen to different quotes and then chose the best from those quotes. After finding the quote that attracts you, go through the fine print and make sure you understand everything. Don’t overlook any legality on the fine print as it might cost you when claiming for liability in case of an accident.

With so many insurance companies and agents in the market today, it will not be hard for you to see we offer bobtail insurance with best rates. Shop for multiple policy prices and you will get one with the best rates for you. Your chances of getting a carrier company with the best policy and low rates increase every time you shop with multiple policies with your agent.

Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions. If you have a problem understanding all the terms, your agent will be the best person to help you. For an independent trucker or business owner, the last thing you would want to happen to your trucking company is finding it involved in an accident without a financial coverage just because you didn’t understand terms and conditions.

  1. Use A Broker’s Services

Though insurance brokers or agents are good for considering all your policy options. Hiring our services when shopping for bobtail insurance is a great way to see what carrier has a policy that is right for you. This is because they have vast information in an insurance market that you definitely don’t have. Make sure you don’t hire just a broker but an insurance broker who majors in truck insurance. These are professionals that are familiar with this sector and are licensed to work as insurance brokers.

It’s also good to hire an insurance broker who you will work with for a long time. This means that this person needs to show interest in learning about your company for him to be giving your best advice when shopping for these policies

  1. Consider Buying Your Bobtail Insurance Annually

Insurance carrier companies typically increase rates over time because they know shopping is not easy for you. Sticking to one insurance carrier company means you might be paying higher rates while there are companies selling the same product at a lower rate. Most of these companies get away with these increments because most customers don’t speak out against these increases, they just accept it and move on.

For those who have experience in the trucking industry will tell you shopping for their trucking insurance annually keeps their rates at a low level. This is because when you fail to give your insurance carrier company the luxury and assurance of a permanent client, they tend to come up with fair unbeatable rates to attract more customers. Good news is that changing an insurance carrier company for your bobtail insurance is an easy thing to do with an agent which doesn’t cost you. Why do you have to pay more when you have a less expensive option?

  1. Keep A Good Driving Record

There are those drivers known for bad driving records.  Year in year out they are always in court with cases of causing accidents. If you are this kind of a driver, it’s good to know right away you will attract higher bobtail insurance rates. This is because you expose them more compared to drivers with clean driving records. One of the factors that will determine your bobtail insurance cost is your driving record.

Any ticket you get increases your premium rates. The list of previous traffic offenses and accidents increases your premium rates also. It’s not a hard thing to keep a clean driving record but it’s costly to have a bad driving record. For trucking company owners, it’s also advisable to go for drivers with clean records. You don’t have to waste your hard earned money with high rates because of a driver who can’t keep a clean driving record.

  1. Lower Cost Compared to Other Policies

When trying to negotiate a better rate with your agent, you have an option of lowering your monthly premiums. If you do this, you agree to a higher deductible on your bobtail insurance. The advantage with this is that the cost of your monthly premiums goes down but your exposure increases. When an accident occurs, you will be required to cover some costs from your pocket.

For those whose idea was to fill every gap left by primary insurance, this is an option not to consider. You might be saving some coins when paying your monthly premiums but in the event an accident occurs, you will end up paying more than you have saved through cheap monthly premiums. The cost can be thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands depending on your agreement. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to make that call.

As usual per trucking industry coverage, bobtail insurance works in conjunction with other complementary policies to completely cover you. Some companies will give you an option of taking the coverage as a package at affordable rates. With the help of an insurance broker, you can know which option is best for you.

If you have old and new trucks, the rates won’t be the same as the value of your truck will also be a determining factor when giving a rate. An old truck will cost you less when purchasing your bobtail insurance as compared to a new one. Weigh everything out and if you have questions, give us a call.

After considering the key factors, enhance your understanding further. Immerse yourself in our comprehensive article detailing essential facts about Bobtail Liability Insurance. Knowledge is your strongest ally in making informed choices.

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