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Top 5 Workers Compensation Claims

Strong Tie Insurance December 7, 2018 Workers Compensation

It is not uncommon to hear about workplace injuries. The causes of such accidents also vary widely. Only staffs who’ve suffered from a strain understand the toll that their occupations can have to their well-being. Recovering from an injury may mean days or months away from work, which can be difficult. Unfortunately, workers lack an understanding of workplace rights and workers’ compensation insurance and most end up focusing on returning to work than their recovery.

5 Common Types of Workplace Injuries

Regardless of whether an injury is caused by negligence or an accident, California workers compensation varies depending on the extent of the injury. According to a survey by The Travellers Companies Inc., fractures, electric shocks, and accidents requiring amputations call for high compensations. Here are the 5 most common workplace injuries for which you can claim through a California workers compensation.

  • Sprains and over-exertion – These are the most reported cases and make up 30% of all claims.
  • Cuts/ Punctures – These comprise 19% of all claims.
  • Contusions/ Bruises – These compose 12% of all the claims.
  • Inflammation – These make up 5% of all the total claims; and
  • Fractures and broken bones – Broken bones and fractures are 5% of all claims

If we dig deeper into matters concerning workplace injuries a more detailed classification indicates that there are 5 types of employee compensation claims. It is worth noting that these claims arise from at least 6 days of absenteeism and which makes an employee eligible to claim a workers compensation insurance.

  1. Over-exertion. Among all employees’ compensation claims, over-exertion triumphs as the No. 1 most common office injury. These injuries result from pushing, lifting, pulling, or holding heavy objects. it is essential for managers to subscribe to a workers compensation insurance to cover such rampant cases.
  2. Trips and Falls on the same level. These injuries account for virtually 20% of all California workers compensation cases. They are particularly common because accidents are normally abrupt and can be caused by a wet floor, rain, ice or snow.
  3. Falls to a Lower Level. Falls to a lower level make up for 10.5% of all injury compensation claims. While these accidents may be relatively lower than falls on the same level, the injuries are more severe and require compensation insurance policy.
  4. Body reactions. Another type of injury and one that comes forth in the commonly-claimed index is caused by strains including bending, standing, sitting or climbing. These account for 10% of all claims across all industrial sectors in the country.
  5. Being hit by an object. Injuries resulting from being struck by an object are the fifth common of all California workers compensation cases. They form 9% of all claims.

Ways of Preventing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Albeit a compensation scheme is a helpful workers compensation insurance, both employers and employees should work together to minimize injuries that call for its need. Fortunately, there are some steps they can take to ensure workplace safety.

Workers operating in highly risky areas must adorn in protective gear. That can be controlled by rotating workers so none spends a lot of time in a dangerous setting.

The most rewarding prevention strategy is to offer training courses to employees from time to time. Emphasizing the need for a learning environment to bolster workplace safety goes a long way in preventing catastrophic situations.

Dive into the insights on the advantages of workers’ compensation and gain a deeper understanding of its benefits. Explore the full article to enhance your knowledge on workplace safety and employee well-being.