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Workers Comp Laws and Requirements Employers Should Know

Strong Tie Insurance January 8, 2019 StrongtieInsurance Workers Compensation

California workers comp law is a law that requires all the employers to pay for their employees’ insurance cover. The law is connected to the employees’ injuries whether they are diseases, disabling conditions or specific injuries. Workers compensation insurance supports employees financial needs for injuries that occur while working.

Aspects of California workers compensation laws

The workers compensation insurance law under section 5400 provides that an employee should give written notice to the employer concerning work-related injuries within 30 days of the occurrence. The note should be signed by the person who has sustained injuries or can be approved by someone on his/her behalf. If the employee does not serve the employer with written notice within the time limits given, the claim to recover compensation under this section does not maintain.

The law further under section 5401 provides that upon receiving an injury notice, the employer should submit a claim form to the employee within one day. Under section 5405, the employee can collect benefits within one year from the date of injury, the expiry of the period provided to file the claim or from the last date of benefits provided for under section 4600.

Benefits of employees under California workers compensation law.

The workers compensation insurance California law requires the employer to provide the injured people with several benefits due to sustained injuries. These benefits include:

Medical benefits

The medical benefits cover all the hospital and medical benefits that are necessary to relieve or cure the employee from the effects of injuries. The benefits cover for the cost incurred to visit the Doctor for treatment, medical bills, laboratory tests, x-rays and payment for all other medical equipment used during treatment.

Temporary disability payments

The law provides that if the injury sustained causes the employee to be absent from work for more than two days, then they should receive temporary disability benefits. The benefits are paid at an average of two-thirds of weekly earnings but do not exceed 104 weeks.

Permanent disability payments

In case the injuries cause permanent disability or mental impairment, the law provides that the employee should be eligible for permanent disability payment. In the case of one hundred per cent disability, the person is eligible for temporary disability payment for a lifetime.

Vocational rehabilitation and training

Section 4658.7 of California Workmans comp insurance law, provides that all injured people who are unable to return to their previous jobs are entitled to receive payments for training. The supplemental job benefits only cater for training schools and depend on the level of disability.

Death benefits

If a person dies due to a work-related injury, the law provides that his/her dependents should get the death benefits.

Employer obligation according to California workers compensation law.

The law requires employers to provide workmans comp insurance to all employees. However, there are few exceptions under section 3351 and section 3700. Further, the employer is obliged to authorize treatment and provide a claim form within one day of the injury notice. If there is no claim rejection within 90 days, the injury is assumed covered.

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