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Workers’ Compensation for Roofing Contractor

If you are a roofing contractor and you hire employees for your business, roofers workers compensation insurance is mandatory. This sort of insurance helps to protect you, your company, and your employees in the event that they get hurt accidentally or fall ill while working.

As an owner of a business, it is crucial to ensure that the working environment is safe for your employees. However, accidents do happen even in the safest places, potentially leading to injuries or time away from work for your employees.

Here, we discuss some types of coverage included in workers’ comp for roofers. Read on to know more.

1. Lost Wages and Medical Care Coverage

Setting up roofers workers’ compensation insurance is important when it comes to protecting you from the costs resulting from accidents at the workplace. If any of your employees gets injured while working, they will require medical attention and also to be paid if they cannot go back to work. Your business insurance caters for such costs as long as you have a workers’ comp insurance in place.

2. Employer’s Liability Coverage

If an accident occurs on the job and an employee is injured, they are automatically entitled to receive payment from your roof workers’ compensation policy. They do not have to prove your liability as the employer in the accident, but it is possible for an injured employee to attempt to sue you. If he/she believes they can hold you liable, it is possible that they can receive more payment from a lawsuit compared to your typical insurance payments. Including employer’s liability coverage in your workers’ comp for roofers policy will help you cover the costs resulting from such a lawsuit.

3. Third-Party Suits Coverage

It is also possible that an injured employee to sue a third party rather than you for damages caused, but you might still find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. This is because the third party might decide to turn around and sue you instead. As an example example, if the third party that is held liable is the manufacturer of the equipment you use while working, they might say you are liable for failing to properly maintain the equipment your injured employee was using when the accident happened. Given that your roofing contractors workers’ compensation includes employer’s liability coverage, you’ll be covered for any legal expenses associated with being sued for liability by a third party.

4. Business Travel Protection Coverage

When applying for roofers workers’ compensation isurance, you need to consider the workers who travel to other states to do business. You will need to buy extra coverage to ensure that you are covered against any costs arising from the need of medical care as well as lost wages for any workers you send to other states for business.

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