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How to Minimize Workers Comp Claims in Construction Business

Strong Tie Insurance January 28, 2019 StrongtieInsurance Workers Compensation

Due to the high risks in the construction business and other industries, construction workers’ compensation insurance is fundamental. But as an employer, you also need to minimize compensation costs for your workers by reducing the claims on board.

Below are for major tips that you can apply to mitigate your company’s workers’ comp claims as well as gaining control over the coverage costs.

Focus on Training and Education

If you lack one, it is vital to establish an education program to train your employees on health and safety during construction work. This will equip them with techniques of avoiding accidents such as proper lifting, safe methods of managing heavy equipment, and many others that can result in claiming of workers compensation.

The program if well managed will significantly help you together with your employees get to know ways in which accidents occur hence avoid them.

Come up with a Safety Committee

A safety committee will be instrumental especially if your construction business faces frequent accidents. Let the committee be made of both the employees and the management to allow for team spirit and let everyone realize that they have a role to enhance the safety of one another.

The committee should be encouraged to regularly meet to discuss matters about job safety, identify challenges, and also table all safety concerns or complaints the workers could have raised as they continue with their job. The issues discussed should be implemented with immediate effect to avoid future regrets.

Investigate any Near-Misses

A worker who has had a near-miss accident is not entitled to the workers’ compensation claim. However, there is always a probability that such an accident might turn out to be fatal when it happens again.

You should, therefore, be quick to investigate any near-miss to help you identify hazards, safety problems, and patterns of behavior as well as training opportunities. Taking near-miss accidents with seriousness helps in preventing or reducing future similar but major accidents hence lowering the claims.

Celebrate safety

It is a good thing to track the time duration you construction business has been without accidents and celebrate the achievement together with your workers. You can begin with targeting 30 days free of accidents then increase the number of days as you continue to hit the target.

Always celebrate meeting the goal with ice cream, a special lunch, or any other thing that excites your workers. Motivated workers are diligent in their work and will be zealous to maintain the safety record. The results are minimal workers compensation claims.

Call to action

Implementing the tips mentioned above will minimize workers comp claims and hence your costs. However, it is not possible to entirely eradicate accidents in a construction business; it is, therefore, wise to ensure all your workers by enrolling for workers’ compensation for contractors.

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