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Ways Roofers Can Lower Workers Compensation Cost

Strong Tie Insurance January 30, 2019 StrongtieInsurance Workers Compensation

Roofers worker’s compensation insurance coverage protects your business from incurring huge workers’ comp cost. This insurance cover helps you set up a safety program that prevents workers’ medical expenses and injury-related costs.


Roofing is one of the dangerous jobs with numerous risks. Despite the business owners’ efforts in maintaining a safe environment for all employees, accidents still do happen causing injuries, huge costs and employees time away from work. For this reason, roofers worker’s compensation insurance coverage is mandatory. Without it, the business is likely to incur huge expenses compensating the injured employee. More so, the business risks other additional damages in the form of lawsuits and legal penalties.

Safety Program

There is no doubt that roofing injuries distract the project progress and place the business at a disadvantaged position. For this reason, it is always wise for each business to set up its safety program. It is through it that workplace hazards are earlier identified and eliminated before they occur. This reflects how well your business is committed to providing employees with a safe working environment.

In case you face any difficulties developing standard and safety procedures program, you can always seek help from various sources. This includes, Roofers compensation insurance carrier, a third-party consultant and even the industry-specific templates.

Return-to-Work Program

Accidents still do occur even when the business has a sound safety program. In such cases, it is important to help the injured employee recover quickly and get to work soon.

The business enjoys the direct cost benefits when the injured employee takes less time to return to work because the compensation claim covers fewer replacement incomes. Therefore, the business should always provide a modified basis for the injured employees to continue working as they recover. This includes the provision of light duty hours based on a worker’s health condition as provided by the medical provider. Also, this process has indirect cost benefits to the business. It is one way that will help your business maintain the injured employees’ workplace and reduce the inconveniences caused by the worker’s absence.

Ensuring the Correct Classification of the Employees

The easiest way to minimize the roofing hazards is by employing competent individual qualified for the job. Although this is the case, it is important to confirm the compensation policy for each employee to ensure is properly classified. This is because various workers pay different insurance rates and compensation differs based on the occupation. Workers Compensation for roofers is high as compared to any other job occupation such as a clerk. Therefore, in the case of workers improper classification, it is wise to ask a trusted advisor like Strong Tie Insurance about the California workers’ comp insurance to review and amend the policy appropriately.

Trusted Insurance Company

Strong Tie Insurance is here to help you lower the cost by safeguarding your business and employees safe. You will be advised of the best insurance policy suitable for each employee based on your business nature and the state’s requirements. Workers’ comp for roofers provided  includes medical cost, income lost, rehabilitation costs and death benefits among others insurance coverage. Read more about cheap commercial truck insurance.

Do not wait till when the reality hits you, contact us and our professional experts will take you through the insurance coverage process to ensure your business and employees safe.