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Important Advice When Filing Semi Truck Insurance Claim

Strong Tie Insurance September 18, 2018 StrongtieInsurance

Semi truck insurance covers injuries and damages on trucks and property. The policy has a wide range of coverage such as primary liability that covers the third-party damages, physical damage cover, bobtail insurance cover, and umbrella cover. Indeed, this is a motor truck cargo insurance for the truck, cargo, driver, and third property and people. When an accident occurs, it essential that you know how to file a semi truck insurance claim to guarantee a successful claim and to save time for other claim processing activities.

However, a trusted agent from the strong tie insurance agency in California can guide you through the process of filing a semi-truck insurance claim. If you need a dedicated professional advisor on motor truck insurance, contact an agent from the Strong Tie insurance agency. You will be guided on the steps to follow to get compensation from the insurance company.

When to file a Semi Truck Insurance Claim

To be eligible to file a complaint, you must first experience property damage, bodily injury as well as damages on the insured semi truck. Moreover, besides accidents, one may also file a claim for vandalism, theft, and damages from non-accidental events which include fires and unbearable weather conditions. Therefore, in the case of the occurrences above, the insured should contact his or her insurance agent immediately to start processing his or her reimbursement for the damages insured.

The necessary information you need to fill an insurance claim

Immediately you contact your insurance agent regarding filing a claim, he or she will require the following information from the insured.

  •             Evidence of a valid driving license authorizing you to drive the semi-truck.
  •             A valid insurance policy with the correct start and end dates.
  •             A valid identification document with your names
  •             License plates of the insure semi-truck and for the other vehicles involved in the accident.
  •             A legal residence address of the insured as well as the place of accident occurrence.

Moreover, if the driver of the semi-truck can provide information regarding the conditions that caused the accident. Such information may include weather condition. One may also need to forward record tapes and pictures of the damages caused.

Important advice when filing a claim

When submitting an insurance claim, you will need to take into consideration the following critical issues:

  •             Report the damages to the insurer immediately.
  •             In a case where more than one insurance company are involved in the claim, share the information with both parties. This also applies to a situation where more that one driver is filing a claim.
  •             Continue paying your premiums for the insurance cover to cover further damages. Also. Protect your property and vehicle from further losses.
  •             Provide honest information about the occurrence of the accident you are claiming reimbursement. Always cooperate whenever the insurer requires additional information that is necessary for processing your claim.
  •             Once you file an insurance claim, allow the insurer to assess the situation and scene of the accident.
  •             Provide valid documentation of the required materials.