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Livestock Hauling Insurance Coverage

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You’ve probably come across some news about a cargo truck carrying a load of potbellied pigs who encountered a roadside accident. The truck flipped onto its side and the pigs all ran out on the road. It may seem like a hilarious situation that the pigs are possibly escaping from their journey to the slaughterhouse. But for the trucking operator and the owners of the pigs as well, this is not a laughing matter.

Roadside accidents translate to thousands of dollars of losses for both companies. The trucking operator ends up paying for damages both on his vehicles and to his clients. The client may lose confidence on the trucking operator and may take action to file for a legal case or charge them for the losses incurred on their livestock. If the trucking operator is not covered by any kind of commercial truck insurance, it can burn a deep hole in their pocketbooks and worse may lead to bankruptcy. Check out commercial truck liability insurance.

Coverage for Cargo Hauling Livestock

If you are an operator of a trucking fleet, you will need insurance to cover for your losses just in case these types of incidences occur. In California, Strong Tie Insurance is one of the most reliable providers of commercial trucking insurance. You can request for cheap truck insurance quotes simply by signing up on their website. You will get the quote immediately once you provide all the necessary details like the extent of coverage that you need. They understand that time is of the essence, and the sooner you get your business covered, you will not have to worry about where to get the funds once the accident happens.

You will definitely need trucking insurance because that is one of the requirements in the state of California to allow you to run your business and have access to their roads. You will also have to insure your drivers, their passengers and the third party motorists for the cost of their medical care, damage to property and others.

The livestock you are hauling has a significant value and a simple accident could cause delays, significant losses and huge inconveniences for the client. STI insurance provides protection for the livestock and will cover the liabilities incurred with the damaged or lost livestock. It could also cover the legal expenses that you may incur that resulted from the legal action taken against you by your client and other cargo-related miscellaneous expenses.

The most basic coverage you have is for General Liability. It provides coverage for you due to accidental slips and falls while unloading the truck’s contents. If one of our drivers breaks his back while unloading the cargo of swines, you will have to answer for his hospital bills. General Liability covers for that so you won’t have any delays with your shipments due having one of our drivers being in the hospital. You can have him treated right away so he could get back to work in no time! This coverage also covers for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and medical payment and other common types of liabilities.

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