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Long Haul Trucking Insurance 

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The trucking business is no joke. There is a great demand for trucking services especially with the upsurge of a lot of industries, wanting to get their products distributed from one location to the other. Though there is a lot of earning potential in the trucking business, there is an equal amount of risks involved.

There are incidences wherein the vehicle gets stalled in the middle of the road and that would delay the deliveries of your customers. It depends on the kind of arrangement that you have but your business may suffer from paying penalties for these delays or its absolute loss of income. What would be worse if the vehicle gets high jacked and you the truck operator will have to pay for the replacement cost of the goods. There is also the occurrence where aside from the vehicle being damaged in a collision the lives of the drivers, passengers, and third party individuals are at stake. If you think of all the risks involved and the possible expenses that go with it, you might think twice about entering the business or folding up before you go bankrupt.

You don’t have to worry yourself sick with these concerns. If you have a commercial long haul trucking insurance coverage, all of these will be the least of your worries.

The coverage of the Commercial Truck Insurance policy will protect the truck fleet operator from the following risks listed below:

  • Damages caused by accidents that may include or exclude collision to the truck
  • Dead or injured third party who may or may not be covered by their own insurance
  • Physical harm to the third party that is caused by the truck driver.
  • Damage to property of the third party that is caused by the truck driver
  • Medical expenses and cremation proceedings in case the drivers encounter accidents
  • Added benefits for rehabilitation, hospitalization, loss of services, loss of wages, survival, and death
  • Expenses for food, rental cars, lodging and other subsidiary costs
  • Hired Truck liability and hired truck physical damages
  • Employer’s non-ownership liability

Long Haul Insurance

Every fleet owner also has their own specific needs and criteria where they need long haul trucking insurance protection. If you are a fleet owner, you will find a lot of insurance packages from online and with insurance providers that will cover the most basic needs. If you have particular requests for additional coverage, you can request for a cheap truck insurance quotes.  Reliable insurance companies like Strong Tie Insurance can provide a customized insurance policy catering to your specific needs and compliant with the state requirements. The company is also concerned about your costs and budgets so they could provide more than one proposal for you until all conditions are met. Strong Tie wants to help you avoid paying any fines and penalties that happen along with the accidents, as well as provide you the funds for emergency situations so that you can continue with the flow of your trucking operations.

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Whether you use commercial trucks for local deliveries or regional logistics, it’s essential that your trucking fleet is properly insured. Commercial truck insurance covers you for everything from physical damage from collisions and accidents to cargo damage, personal injuries and more.

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